Friday, 12 June 2009

K is for kitsh, and Knee high socks

Kitsh is so now, and I really mean that. Everywhere I go in london people are doing the whole kitsh thing. What do I mean by kitsh you ask??? For me kitsh is a mix of Vintage (think Cath Kidston) and highstreet staples, accessorised with brooches and a well worn long cardie. I have to say that I am myself, in my old age (24) leaning towards this trend.

What I love about this vibe is that it is cute and adoreable and will hopefully appeal to those none exsistent/ increasingly hard to capture male species. Nothing says "love me" like a sheer pussy bow shirt and a highwaisted, thigh skimming granny skirt, I hope!

Floral is a big part of this trend and it has to be said that the highstreet is drenched in this fabric whether digital, vintage, classic or contemporary. At the moment there is enough floral going around to cloth every self respecting fashionista at least ten times over. Some cordruoy or woollen item needs to be worn with the flower power attire, otherwise it is too current; for me you can't go wrong with the tried and tested long cardie, but there is always the tank top or knitted waistcoat.

Any way enough detail, the main aim of thekitsh vibe is to get that mix or classic contemporary. Florals are a must for this look even if its just a hairband... incidently get down to Spital fields market for the cutest floral hairbands made using old archived liberty fabric. You have to love them right!!! I digress, anyway play with different materials such as wool, cordrouy, chiffon, silk etc. and keep it feminine.

My one kitsh must have is knee high socks, whether black, cream white or denier nothing screams "kitshie kitsh" like a freshly laundered pair of knee highs, keep it simple mind. None of those ribbon ties or buttons.

I feel like I have rambled on, like a college lecturer at an AGM. So I will just finish by saying Peace out my fashion BFs xoxo.

P.S. Have you check out the new charity fashion shop at Westfields? Make a bee line there ASAP.