Sunday, 18 October 2009

L is for leggings

It's been a long time, but while I have not been blogging I have started a MA Strategic fashion marketing course at London college of fashion which is working out really well. Anyway I am really determined to get into the whole fashion scene again (well when I say again, I mean for the first time). So I'm back to blogging and this week it's all about leggings!!!

Although I was around for the first outing of the leggings back in the eighties I was only young and did not appreciate the true brilliance that is the lycra trouser come tights. I have to say as a good ten years had passed since my last sighting of the leg warmers I was dubious about their return back in 2005/6. But rewind to 2009 and I don't know what I did without them. The garment is a staple in my wardrobe and every other self respecting fashionista.

I'm a strictly black matt cotton legging girl but the beauties have moved on from the 80's and now you can get them in any style, colour or material. What was once a sports wear item is now covered by the top designers like karl lagerfield for Chanel or celebrities like Lindsay Logan who has released a range. The most amazing pair that I have seen are a beautiful of jewelled ones from Topshop.

Although I love my leggings because they suit every shape or size there is an alarming trend which anoys the hell out of me! That is leggings and short tops. It's a big fat no no, if you can't be bothered to put a dress or skirt with you leggings at least have the decency to cover your arse!!! That is my one rule; other than that have fun with it!

Until next, fashionista it up my friends xoxo