Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Much to do about nothing ...

Finding time to blog seems to be a struggle at the moment. In between searching for a new Job and also trying to be good at my current job is ridiculous (excuse spelling). Anyway while i've got a couple of minutes, I'd like to mention how impressed I am with the array of tights available this winter esp. as the cold weather appears to have come to stay. My favourites at the moment are a great pair of thick ribbed grey tights from H&M. They are prefect for this weather, wear with a fantastic dress or skirt, or if you are brave enough so funky tweed shorts.

The only good thing about this cold weather is a chance to give the coat wardrobe a good airing. At the moment I am rotating three coats. A 1960's double breasted blue coat circa 2006 (Topshop) a plum coloured cape, last years from Warehouse, and my delightful violet peacoat with pussy bow from Primark (this years). I particularly love the last coat mentioned, because not only was it a bargain at £21 (I saw a similar versionat French connection for £140) but I have had many a compliment while wearing the coat. I love it dearly.

Scarfs and hats are also becoming a major concern I am mixing and matching at the moment, lots of bright colours on mass. I think this is working at the moment, but I do love the matching look.

I am also very much considering a foray into faux fur, I have seen some great coats at Topshop which are to die for. I think that it is probably a look that is passable in london, but not elsewhere. We shall see though...

'Til next time my fashion lovers, keep it gothic XOXO

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Its been a while

Hello anyone in cyber space who may or may not be reading my blog. I am interrupting my fashion alphabet for a quick catch up. When I say cath up, not much has happened. I'm still struggling as a Buying Administrator, pyning for the big leagues. I have an interview on friday which I am really excited about. Its two hours long which is a bit lengthy, but I am going to try and nail this, because I bored of my job. The job is in the men's wear department which is going to be different but it would be a great opportunity to meet some men, hopefully? Although they might all be gay.

I would really like to get the job, although the pay won't be much better its still another chance to do it right this time, and hopefully get on that ladder.

Anyway, enough about my life. Apart from needing a boyfriend, and a new job, I also need a black lace dress. My wardrobe is over run with black dress for a night out, but I need more. The beauty I am after is from Topshop; priced at £45 I want it, I want it, I want it. Unfortunately I don't believe my bank manager will agree with me that it is an important purchase.

My rant is at an end, but remember guys its all about the black lace and Gossip Girl, I brought the Season 1 box set and I am once again addicted. You know u love me XOXO

Sunday, 19 October 2008

D is for Denim

Hello guys,

Denim is definitely a way of life; there are people who wear nothing but denim. I am of the latter group, I have yet to find my defining piece. I do have a cute denim pinafore dress, though it is often forced to the back of my wardrobe to make way for other key pieces.

The generation (or two) before us were the forerunners for denim, back when Jeans began to reach cult status. A new and exciting material, quickly adopted for youth rebellion. Who of course can not remember that advert (i heard on the grape vine). Although I was only a new born when that advert was first aired I don't know many people from my genration or older who do not know about the laundry scene.

Jeans are such a key piece in fashion today, and for many seasons now. Many designers have begun dabbling in their own ranges. Largerfield, McQ and Westwood to name but a few. Mr Largerfield is such a firm fan of denim that he did a whole collection in denim back in the day. Although you have to love a designer range, I am a great believer of sticking to what you're best at. If you want a great pair of jeans it has to from a Jeans specialist like Levis, Pepe and Wranglers. Here you'll find good quality, reasonably priced pieces. The only break in this rule would be Topshop who are a great contender for good Jeans.

Although I may wax lyrically about the garment (jeans) I have never been fortunate to find a great pair that fit me. I am on the quest for the holy grail, will I ever find it????

When you think of denim your mind automatically springs to jeans, but there are also some great garments made from denim at the moment. From shirts to dresses they are all available on the buyers market in a range of finishes, and styles for every occasion. Not only for roughing it denim is slowly becoming a work staple as well as for play.

Denim is fun and versatile, whether dressed up or down it gives the wearer effortless style or credibility. Wear it with pride and remember that all over denim is never a good look. Mix and match with other materials and textures.

All the best denim wearers and fashion marvels xoxo

Saturday, 18 October 2008

C is for collars

Hello fashion lovers,

Its Saturday night, I'm waiting for my frind to arrive, I have been expecting her for the last hour. Anyway I am watching Strictly come Dancing and it is suprisingly compelling to watch. The guys are in sheer tops and hip hugging trousers and the girls are in pretty dresses. Its fun to watch and I think I am hooked. My two favourite are the rugby player and the swimmer (i don't know their names) but they both have fantasic abs and thighs.

Anyway I digress, i'm supposed to be blogging fashion. Today's subject is Collars, collars on shirts, collars on dress, collars on coats.

My favourite collar is a pussy bow collar, if I see a shirt with a tie collar, I have to have it. I think people are beginning to see this as my signature style. Its a mix of ugly betty meets sexy librarian (in my opinion). The mandarin collar collar is also a favourite of mine, but the shirt or dress that is working the collar has to be buttoned down otherwise it looks to serious.

A collar which has recently been rocking fashion is the paired down Elizabeth I ruffle collar. French connection have a really good version in a number of colours and so does REISS. With such a theatrical collar it is probably best to wear it with something pared down, like a sleek pair of black trousers or high waisted pencil skirt.

The collar is not always something people consider, but it is quite important, a funky collar can transform a dress from conservative to sexy. High collars are best for people with smaller boobs and deepers V's are great those with a bit more to share. Whether high or low, make that collar work for you.

Do you love me yet? XOXO

Thursday, 16 October 2008

B is for Black

Hey hey hey, me again. Today I am in a very positive mood because it is the weekend at last. Another week, another trial. Continuing my count down B is for Black. Black is everywhere at the moment, the highstreet is literally dripping with black.

I love colour, but I also love black, I don't know how it happened (I always used to hate the colour, or non-colour) but now 90% of my going out wardrobe is black. It is the colour of sophistication, of glamour and high society. A woman dressed in black is a mystery to all men an exquisite creature to investigate further.

For me black transforms me from old granny chic to sexy, sleek night time prowler. With some smoky eyed make-up the look is complete.

This seasonal there is a lot of black on black action mixing textures and finishes together. This has really updated the LBD look and made it more contemporary.The whole black on black look is great but I also love to funk up a black outfit with some colourful accessories whether its some cherry coloured tights or some brightly colour shoes.

All I can say about this look is wear it confidently and funk it with some accessories. You want to be more glamazon and less mourner.

Its the end of another rant, till next time, keep it classy! mwah!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A is for Arm Candy

I'm not talking about that gorgeous guy who you want to accompany you everywhere. I'm talking about the fun jewellery and accessories which are a must - have these season. What I love about a bit of razzle dazzle is that it can transform an outfit. It can sex something up or add that extra polish to a great outfit. In my younger years I would stake as many as I could onto my arm building a 6inch (minium) tubea round my arm; Nowawadays I like fewer chunky pieces, a maximum of three bracelets and only on the one arm.

Arm Candy does not only mean wearing bracelets on your wrists, I think there is nothing hotter than wearing a bracelet somewhere between you wrist and your elbow (it makes your arm look ultra skinny). The second alternative, for you skinny minnies is wearing a piece mid- arm beteen your shoulderand your elbow (very grecian).

Now we have established where to wear the piece of arm Kandy, what to wear is the question. I think anything goes this season large or small, monochrome or brightly coloured. I think gemsare a big theme, and anything that has been handmade (or looks that way). Don't spend a lot of money of these pieces, the cheaper the better. You can customise them andmake it your own.

Being A/W 08 gloves and arm warmers are a key trend. Check out this lovely piece below, its so boho.

No matter what you wear, have fun with it, and make it work for you.

Another one bites that dust, until tomorrow xoxo!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fashion Tuesday

Two days in and I am just about surviving. My saviour is Tuesday Night TV on BBC 2, from Twiggy's frock exchange to the documentary about fashion (I forget the name). Today's show was about Paul Smith, who to be honestisnot oneof my favourite designers. I think its more of a guy thing.

Not only is the TV great on Tuesday, but today Patricia Fields collection launches at Marks and Spencers. I would love to go, but it doesn't launch until 12am and I need my beauty sleep. Fashion however waits for no one (or just me).

I am a bit dissapointed with the documentary because it is all about men's tailoring and style. Although I love a guy in a well fitted suit ( I have the fortune of seeing them every day on the tube), I am all about women's wear. Check at these beautiful pieces below:

This has a hint of a sari about it, but I think it is a bit more mainstream and wearable. I love the mix of harmonious colours. Like many pieces in S/S09 this piece is about colour blocking. This reminds me of an artist called Rothko who does alot of colour blocking. He is doing an exhibition at the Tate Modern at the moment and is well worth a look.

This outfit is from Richard Nicholl's collection. I love him, not only is her a great fashion design but he looks gorgeous too.

I think starting tomorrow, I am going to do my own A-Z of fashion trends/ style. I will see you then! x

Monday, 13 October 2008

Monochrome it up

I'm suffering from the monday blues, so I decided to get my daily dose of fashion (i am obsessed after all). I am slowly working my way through the shows to see whats in store for S/S 08; determined to save up for just one key piece. Vogue have compiled an A-Z of trends for the fairer season, every one should get involved.

A is for assymetric, i.e. one shouldered dress. I think this is a must-have, having brought a one-shouldered floral pant suit and taken it back, I am all for this trend. I wonder if they still have it in store?

But anyway I digress. While rummaging (internet stylee) through the vogue website, i'm try to absorb as many s/s 09 shows as possible, so I can go forth and spread the word. I came across these funky outfits below which are a perfect mix of harlequin and cirque de soleil.

The drama in these outfits is fantastic. Topshop seems to have taken on this theme and run with it, the VM team at Oxford Circus have made the dresses and garments look sultry and seduction while still being fun. I am definately going to embrace this circus theme because it is clear from the images above that it is here to stay (well at least for SS09).
Well thats another post done. Love to the Cirque de Soleil crowd x

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Its all in the dress!!!

It's sunday night, and work looms on the horizon like a black veil (VERY DRAMATIC). The age old question pops up, what to wear tomorrow. My work has a smart causual dress code which is quite new. When it was smart it was easy to know what to wear, but now I meander between a mix match of garments, trying to make smart pieces look casual and vice versa. My fail safe is always the dress; style it up or down for instant glamour or work chic. My dress of the moment is a cream peasant number from primani (I know I said I normally don't shop there). It it the perfect knee length and looks great with leggings or tights.
My lust item however, the dress that I would sell my complete "nice shoe" collection for is this beauty by DKNY. See right.
This dress fits perfectly with the whole hippie/ 70's vibe that is rocking AW08 trends, it is soo flattering. I am a sucker for a tie-neck as well; had better start saving now, this piece will also be a great transition garment from AW to SS.
I have decided on the cream peasant dress tomorrow, but with cherry red tights to funk it up a bit and maybe a brooch as well. I hope this week is bright and breezy.
Peace Out Fashionistas x

Saturday, 11 October 2008


It's the weekend, wahoo!!! two days of freedom. However, i am already stressing about next week, but anyway...I have zilch plans this weekend other than meeting my mum in London for a scout around the shops today. Unfortunately it was a bit like torture because I had no money to spend, and my Mum couldn't be swayed to buy me anything. I am 24 now, I don't get treats. My resolve however was not strong enough and I ended parting with £12 for some beautiful miu miu inspired shoes from Primarni.

I try not to shop in Primark very often because their clothes can not be that cheap and still be ethically sound, but whenever I go in there I always come out with something. Although rummaging and elbowing people out of the way is inevitable (i normally do neither) the fruit of your labour is always sweet. My new shoes (pictured) are destined for great things; maybe a night out on the town, or a hot date (i wish).

When I have a proper night out, it is almost guaranteed that I will wreck my shoes. So now I have split my shoe collection into two categories. My "play shoes" like my primarks or Newlooks which are destined for nights of heavy drinking, the cheaper the better although style is still key. The second category are my "nice shoes" which are reserved for walking short distances, out the taxi and into the venue and general display in my room. At the moment my "nice shoe" collection involves Topshop and Office but one day hopefully it will include such beauties as these...

Lets take a moment to appreciate these sparkling pumps from Miu Miu a snap at £350 (2/3 of my rent).

I'm off to watch SATC, to live vicariously by them, and also get some style ideas. This is one crazy saturday night.

Speaking of SATC, Patricia Field's range of clothing for M&S launches on the 14th October and frankly I can not wait. I have major lust for the blue dress.

Okay I'm done! PEACE OUT!

Friday, 10 October 2008

All day long I dream

It's true, I can't help but think about clothes constantly, I am obsessed. When I'm not thinking about what clothes I have and what clothes I need to buy, I'm scrutinising everybody else's wardrobe. Where did she get that from, how much did it cost, would I look good in that. I like to see not only what people are wearing, but how they are wearing it. This gives me inspiration when styling my own outfits. I'm not sure if this is normal?

I moved to London just over a month ago, and I have to say I am not only in love with the City, but also the London fashion style. I used to admire it from afar, but now I am fully immersed in it. I guess the mismatch of people, make for a melding pot of creative dressers.

My favourite piece of styling genius is denim leggings. Perfection! Seeing as everybody seems to have taken to wearing leggings instead of trousers (this is wrong I might add) why not make them in denim to hide your modesty. Also unlike skinny jeans which aren't always that skinny, the leggings will give you the shapely legs you deserve and won't leave you with seam marks on the inside of your leg when you take them off. If you buy one thing this AW08, make sure its these bad boys. I would pair them with a funky hippy dress which is soo now and a shaggy waist coat. Who knew the white shag would become cool again.
(image taken from

Okay, So i've said my piece, tah tah for now x

I really want my own tag line ala Gossip Girl, "You know you love me xoxo"

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

S is fror Stiletto

Well...welcome to my first blog. In the coming weeks, months, or even years. You can expect lots of fashion news, general gossip and the light entertainment that is my life. I am a lowly administrator trying to catch a break in the fashion industry. How does one do this? If I find out i'll let you know. In the meantime I shall use this blog as my creative outlet.

So of course I must begin by talking about the whirl wind that was fashion month. Spring/ summer 2009 has arrived with a flash of metallics, some graphic designs, a dash of colour and a hint of utilitarian. With these funky new trends on their way whose worried about the credit crunch.

My favourite collection by far for S/S 2009 is Lanvin. My favourite outfits where these uber cool pieces.
They are soo wearable and flattering I can imagine myself popping down to bungalow 8 (as if) for a Mojito in either of these. I love the use of colour blocking with the harmonious colours. The shoes are also awesome.
Although I love the new designers coming through like Ricard Nicholls and Christopher Kane its great to see the oldies still producing beautiful pieces. I just wish I had the money to buy them.
Looking at the catwalk shows I didn't see any fuller figure models as promised. Although we are now more than used to looking at long limbed giants (I'm only 5ft 3in) strutting down the runway, I couldn't help but be shocked when visiting the recent Victor and Rolf exhibition. The exhibition featured videos of their previous shows, and it appeared to me that from s/s 2004 their was a huge jump from atheletic, toned glamazonian women to wispy, twig like models. How odd? Well i'll leave you to muse about that one, until next time...A is for authentic