Monday, 13 October 2008

Monochrome it up

I'm suffering from the monday blues, so I decided to get my daily dose of fashion (i am obsessed after all). I am slowly working my way through the shows to see whats in store for S/S 08; determined to save up for just one key piece. Vogue have compiled an A-Z of trends for the fairer season, every one should get involved.

A is for assymetric, i.e. one shouldered dress. I think this is a must-have, having brought a one-shouldered floral pant suit and taken it back, I am all for this trend. I wonder if they still have it in store?

But anyway I digress. While rummaging (internet stylee) through the vogue website, i'm try to absorb as many s/s 09 shows as possible, so I can go forth and spread the word. I came across these funky outfits below which are a perfect mix of harlequin and cirque de soleil.

The drama in these outfits is fantastic. Topshop seems to have taken on this theme and run with it, the VM team at Oxford Circus have made the dresses and garments look sultry and seduction while still being fun. I am definately going to embrace this circus theme because it is clear from the images above that it is here to stay (well at least for SS09).
Well thats another post done. Love to the Cirque de Soleil crowd x

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