Saturday, 18 October 2008

C is for collars

Hello fashion lovers,

Its Saturday night, I'm waiting for my frind to arrive, I have been expecting her for the last hour. Anyway I am watching Strictly come Dancing and it is suprisingly compelling to watch. The guys are in sheer tops and hip hugging trousers and the girls are in pretty dresses. Its fun to watch and I think I am hooked. My two favourite are the rugby player and the swimmer (i don't know their names) but they both have fantasic abs and thighs.

Anyway I digress, i'm supposed to be blogging fashion. Today's subject is Collars, collars on shirts, collars on dress, collars on coats.

My favourite collar is a pussy bow collar, if I see a shirt with a tie collar, I have to have it. I think people are beginning to see this as my signature style. Its a mix of ugly betty meets sexy librarian (in my opinion). The mandarin collar collar is also a favourite of mine, but the shirt or dress that is working the collar has to be buttoned down otherwise it looks to serious.

A collar which has recently been rocking fashion is the paired down Elizabeth I ruffle collar. French connection have a really good version in a number of colours and so does REISS. With such a theatrical collar it is probably best to wear it with something pared down, like a sleek pair of black trousers or high waisted pencil skirt.

The collar is not always something people consider, but it is quite important, a funky collar can transform a dress from conservative to sexy. High collars are best for people with smaller boobs and deepers V's are great those with a bit more to share. Whether high or low, make that collar work for you.

Do you love me yet? XOXO

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