Friday, 28 May 2010

Retail Theatre

Now I remember back in the day being at Uni in a retail management lecture/seminar. The lecturer was explaining to us how many marketers believed that the retail enviroment of a shop should be like a theatre play. For example the store manager would be the director and the customers would be the audience. Sales assistants would be supporting acts and so on...Well today I saw a different sort of retail theatre at Anya Hindmarch's store in Sloane square/ street!!! She had made the store into an ice cream parlour with all of her beautiful bags lining the Walls. It was amazing. There were tables and chairs outside so people could stay and enjoy their ice creams! Anyway well done to her for creating a bit of theatre in her store and taking advantage of this beautiful weather we are having!! Muse over, back to you my fellow fashionites!!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

On the bus!!!

Hello cyberspace, it's been a while, in fact it's been a long ling while...I find myself at a loose end, I am on the bus and as usual it is very slow. However the journey is not helped by the fact that it is the SATC 2 premiere. I am in two minds about the film, because like more women I loved the series, I loved the first film and now am I expected to love the sequel!!! I am hoping that this is going to amazing but at the same time I can't help thinking it is going to be a huge let down because after all we've all seen scary movie three or police academy the twenty millionenth! It is just really difficult to make a good thing even better!!! Anyway I will be off to see the movie on Sunday and I will be sitting cross fingered and hoping for the best; also I will be hoping that Mr Big won't cheat on Mrs. Big!!! I'll be off now as I'm over the bridge and almost home!!! All my best...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

L is for leggings

It's been a long time, but while I have not been blogging I have started a MA Strategic fashion marketing course at London college of fashion which is working out really well. Anyway I am really determined to get into the whole fashion scene again (well when I say again, I mean for the first time). So I'm back to blogging and this week it's all about leggings!!!

Although I was around for the first outing of the leggings back in the eighties I was only young and did not appreciate the true brilliance that is the lycra trouser come tights. I have to say as a good ten years had passed since my last sighting of the leg warmers I was dubious about their return back in 2005/6. But rewind to 2009 and I don't know what I did without them. The garment is a staple in my wardrobe and every other self respecting fashionista.

I'm a strictly black matt cotton legging girl but the beauties have moved on from the 80's and now you can get them in any style, colour or material. What was once a sports wear item is now covered by the top designers like karl lagerfield for Chanel or celebrities like Lindsay Logan who has released a range. The most amazing pair that I have seen are a beautiful of jewelled ones from Topshop.

Although I love my leggings because they suit every shape or size there is an alarming trend which anoys the hell out of me! That is leggings and short tops. It's a big fat no no, if you can't be bothered to put a dress or skirt with you leggings at least have the decency to cover your arse!!! That is my one rule; other than that have fun with it!

Until next, fashionista it up my friends xoxo

Friday, 12 June 2009

K is for kitsh, and Knee high socks

Kitsh is so now, and I really mean that. Everywhere I go in london people are doing the whole kitsh thing. What do I mean by kitsh you ask??? For me kitsh is a mix of Vintage (think Cath Kidston) and highstreet staples, accessorised with brooches and a well worn long cardie. I have to say that I am myself, in my old age (24) leaning towards this trend.

What I love about this vibe is that it is cute and adoreable and will hopefully appeal to those none exsistent/ increasingly hard to capture male species. Nothing says "love me" like a sheer pussy bow shirt and a highwaisted, thigh skimming granny skirt, I hope!

Floral is a big part of this trend and it has to be said that the highstreet is drenched in this fabric whether digital, vintage, classic or contemporary. At the moment there is enough floral going around to cloth every self respecting fashionista at least ten times over. Some cordruoy or woollen item needs to be worn with the flower power attire, otherwise it is too current; for me you can't go wrong with the tried and tested long cardie, but there is always the tank top or knitted waistcoat.

Any way enough detail, the main aim of thekitsh vibe is to get that mix or classic contemporary. Florals are a must for this look even if its just a hairband... incidently get down to Spital fields market for the cutest floral hairbands made using old archived liberty fabric. You have to love them right!!! I digress, anyway play with different materials such as wool, cordrouy, chiffon, silk etc. and keep it feminine.

My one kitsh must have is knee high socks, whether black, cream white or denier nothing screams "kitshie kitsh" like a freshly laundered pair of knee highs, keep it simple mind. None of those ribbon ties or buttons.

I feel like I have rambled on, like a college lecturer at an AGM. So I will just finish by saying Peace out my fashion BFs xoxo.

P.S. Have you check out the new charity fashion shop at Westfields? Make a bee line there ASAP.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ebay is rubbish

I am deviating from my alphabet of fashion because today I am very fed up. Has anyone been on E-bay lately, its seductive advertising and promises of bargain products drew me in. I had my heart set on a beautiful designer bag. At first it had to be Chanel or Miu Miu, but then I set my sights on a beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag. I bid and won the bag for a bargainous £75. Unfortunately once I received the bag it became obvious that it was a fake. Luckily for me the buyer agreed to let me send it back (I reckon they knew it was a fake). Any once I received my money back I still had the bug, I was constantly bidding on bag until finally I won a Miu Miu S/S 2009 bag for £125. It was beautiful and for about 2 hours I was blissfully happy with my purchase, at last I had my very own roomy designer bag.

After closer scrutiny (and hours spent googling the bag) it soon became clear that this bag was also a fake, a very good fake but nethertheless it was what it was. After that the bag lost all of its glamour and appeal. I didn’t want to wear the bag and set about trying to get my money back. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do the seller had already been suspended and Ebay does not do refunds.

I have now given up and decided to wear the bag as a reminder that if it seems too good to be true than it probably is. What is more unfortunate is that because I kicked up such a fuss about the bag, I am unable to return it. Oh well.

Remember fashionistas its always better to go to the shop and purchase a designer item or to buy it from a reputable retailer like netaporter (my favourite fashion porn site). Well that’s it from me today; love fashion and more importantly love yourself!!! Mwah xoxo.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

J is for Juxtaposition

Hello Fashionites,

It's all about juxtapositions, what do I mean by this? Its mixing and matching garments together. Masculine with feminine or Rock chic with priary fairy. Putting harsh materials like leather with chiffon works really well.

Putting conflicting garments together is definately a london thing and can probably be dated back to the the Punk era of the 70's. I think that this is relevant now more than ever as the recession kicks in. None of us have as much disposable income as we used to so mixing and matching is a great way of creating a new look. Back in the 70s money was an issue as well, and it is at times like this that creativity really begins to shine.

London has soo many creative dressers and I put this down to the melting pot of cultures all in one place. People come from far flung countries and bring their traditional/ seasons clothing and mix it with pieces from the highstreet and there you have a juxtaposing mix match of garment, together an outfit. You can also see how different cultural garments have become engrained in the season's trends; can you say Hareem trousers.

I love to wear cute tea dresses but because I don't want to look too feminine or dressed up I always add black legging or tights to toughen up the look. I have black patent brogues which always help de-feminine a pretty dress. Light colours mixed with bright colours is also a great well used look.

If you want some inspiration hit Oxford street or Shoreditch for some great creative dressers who like to mix and match it!!!

Love Y'all xoxo

Friday, 20 March 2009

I is for Ink Blue

This is a random one, but I have seen inky blue clothing and accessories everywhere at the moment. I love this colour because it is fresh and exciting, perfect for both work and play. There is something 1980's about inky bloo, it makes me want to watch "Girl's Just Wanna Have fun" or sess out to the tune by Cindy Lauper.

Inky blue is such a bold colour, it speaks for itself. Neutral are best worn with this colour; a stony beige, khaki green, browns or plain white. The only bright colour that I would recommend wearing with this is turquoise or purple, otherwise you run the risk of looking like an 80's reject. Keep it simple, less is more as far as the colour is concerned.

As you know accessories are key, and this includes inky items. Whether a necklace, a bracelet or a stylish fasinator blue is soo now!!! Personally I have my heart set on a pair of inky blue pumps. You have to love a statement piece.

Anyway have a go, experiment with blue??

I'm off to watch gossip girl, you know the rest XoXo