Wednesday, 8 April 2009

J is for Juxtaposition

Hello Fashionites,

It's all about juxtapositions, what do I mean by this? Its mixing and matching garments together. Masculine with feminine or Rock chic with priary fairy. Putting harsh materials like leather with chiffon works really well.

Putting conflicting garments together is definately a london thing and can probably be dated back to the the Punk era of the 70's. I think that this is relevant now more than ever as the recession kicks in. None of us have as much disposable income as we used to so mixing and matching is a great way of creating a new look. Back in the 70s money was an issue as well, and it is at times like this that creativity really begins to shine.

London has soo many creative dressers and I put this down to the melting pot of cultures all in one place. People come from far flung countries and bring their traditional/ seasons clothing and mix it with pieces from the highstreet and there you have a juxtaposing mix match of garment, together an outfit. You can also see how different cultural garments have become engrained in the season's trends; can you say Hareem trousers.

I love to wear cute tea dresses but because I don't want to look too feminine or dressed up I always add black legging or tights to toughen up the look. I have black patent brogues which always help de-feminine a pretty dress. Light colours mixed with bright colours is also a great well used look.

If you want some inspiration hit Oxford street or Shoreditch for some great creative dressers who like to mix and match it!!!

Love Y'all xoxo

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