Thursday, 27 May 2010

On the bus!!!

Hello cyberspace, it's been a while, in fact it's been a long ling while...I find myself at a loose end, I am on the bus and as usual it is very slow. However the journey is not helped by the fact that it is the SATC 2 premiere. I am in two minds about the film, because like more women I loved the series, I loved the first film and now am I expected to love the sequel!!! I am hoping that this is going to amazing but at the same time I can't help thinking it is going to be a huge let down because after all we've all seen scary movie three or police academy the twenty millionenth! It is just really difficult to make a good thing even better!!! Anyway I will be off to see the movie on Sunday and I will be sitting cross fingered and hoping for the best; also I will be hoping that Mr Big won't cheat on Mrs. Big!!! I'll be off now as I'm over the bridge and almost home!!! All my best...

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