Friday, 28 May 2010

Retail Theatre

Now I remember back in the day being at Uni in a retail management lecture/seminar. The lecturer was explaining to us how many marketers believed that the retail enviroment of a shop should be like a theatre play. For example the store manager would be the director and the customers would be the audience. Sales assistants would be supporting acts and so on...Well today I saw a different sort of retail theatre at Anya Hindmarch's store in Sloane square/ street!!! She had made the store into an ice cream parlour with all of her beautiful bags lining the Walls. It was amazing. There were tables and chairs outside so people could stay and enjoy their ice creams! Anyway well done to her for creating a bit of theatre in her store and taking advantage of this beautiful weather we are having!! Muse over, back to you my fellow fashionites!!!

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