Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A is for Arm Candy

I'm not talking about that gorgeous guy who you want to accompany you everywhere. I'm talking about the fun jewellery and accessories which are a must - have these season. What I love about a bit of razzle dazzle is that it can transform an outfit. It can sex something up or add that extra polish to a great outfit. In my younger years I would stake as many as I could onto my arm building a 6inch (minium) tubea round my arm; Nowawadays I like fewer chunky pieces, a maximum of three bracelets and only on the one arm.

Arm Candy does not only mean wearing bracelets on your wrists, I think there is nothing hotter than wearing a bracelet somewhere between you wrist and your elbow (it makes your arm look ultra skinny). The second alternative, for you skinny minnies is wearing a piece mid- arm beteen your shoulderand your elbow (very grecian).

Now we have established where to wear the piece of arm Kandy, what to wear is the question. I think anything goes this season large or small, monochrome or brightly coloured. I think gemsare a big theme, and anything that has been handmade (or looks that way). Don't spend a lot of money of these pieces, the cheaper the better. You can customise them andmake it your own.

Being A/W 08 gloves and arm warmers are a key trend. Check out this lovely piece below, its so boho.

No matter what you wear, have fun with it, and make it work for you.

Another one bites that dust, until tomorrow xoxo!

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