Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Its been a while

Hello anyone in cyber space who may or may not be reading my blog. I am interrupting my fashion alphabet for a quick catch up. When I say cath up, not much has happened. I'm still struggling as a Buying Administrator, pyning for the big leagues. I have an interview on friday which I am really excited about. Its two hours long which is a bit lengthy, but I am going to try and nail this, because I bored of my job. The job is in the men's wear department which is going to be different but it would be a great opportunity to meet some men, hopefully? Although they might all be gay.

I would really like to get the job, although the pay won't be much better its still another chance to do it right this time, and hopefully get on that ladder.

Anyway, enough about my life. Apart from needing a boyfriend, and a new job, I also need a black lace dress. My wardrobe is over run with black dress for a night out, but I need more. The beauty I am after is from Topshop; priced at £45 I want it, I want it, I want it. Unfortunately I don't believe my bank manager will agree with me that it is an important purchase.

My rant is at an end, but remember guys its all about the black lace and Gossip Girl, I brought the Season 1 box set and I am once again addicted. You know u love me XOXO

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