Thursday, 16 October 2008

B is for Black

Hey hey hey, me again. Today I am in a very positive mood because it is the weekend at last. Another week, another trial. Continuing my count down B is for Black. Black is everywhere at the moment, the highstreet is literally dripping with black.

I love colour, but I also love black, I don't know how it happened (I always used to hate the colour, or non-colour) but now 90% of my going out wardrobe is black. It is the colour of sophistication, of glamour and high society. A woman dressed in black is a mystery to all men an exquisite creature to investigate further.

For me black transforms me from old granny chic to sexy, sleek night time prowler. With some smoky eyed make-up the look is complete.

This seasonal there is a lot of black on black action mixing textures and finishes together. This has really updated the LBD look and made it more contemporary.The whole black on black look is great but I also love to funk up a black outfit with some colourful accessories whether its some cherry coloured tights or some brightly colour shoes.

All I can say about this look is wear it confidently and funk it with some accessories. You want to be more glamazon and less mourner.

Its the end of another rant, till next time, keep it classy! mwah!

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