Sunday, 19 October 2008

D is for Denim

Hello guys,

Denim is definitely a way of life; there are people who wear nothing but denim. I am of the latter group, I have yet to find my defining piece. I do have a cute denim pinafore dress, though it is often forced to the back of my wardrobe to make way for other key pieces.

The generation (or two) before us were the forerunners for denim, back when Jeans began to reach cult status. A new and exciting material, quickly adopted for youth rebellion. Who of course can not remember that advert (i heard on the grape vine). Although I was only a new born when that advert was first aired I don't know many people from my genration or older who do not know about the laundry scene.

Jeans are such a key piece in fashion today, and for many seasons now. Many designers have begun dabbling in their own ranges. Largerfield, McQ and Westwood to name but a few. Mr Largerfield is such a firm fan of denim that he did a whole collection in denim back in the day. Although you have to love a designer range, I am a great believer of sticking to what you're best at. If you want a great pair of jeans it has to from a Jeans specialist like Levis, Pepe and Wranglers. Here you'll find good quality, reasonably priced pieces. The only break in this rule would be Topshop who are a great contender for good Jeans.

Although I may wax lyrically about the garment (jeans) I have never been fortunate to find a great pair that fit me. I am on the quest for the holy grail, will I ever find it????

When you think of denim your mind automatically springs to jeans, but there are also some great garments made from denim at the moment. From shirts to dresses they are all available on the buyers market in a range of finishes, and styles for every occasion. Not only for roughing it denim is slowly becoming a work staple as well as for play.

Denim is fun and versatile, whether dressed up or down it gives the wearer effortless style or credibility. Wear it with pride and remember that all over denim is never a good look. Mix and match with other materials and textures.

All the best denim wearers and fashion marvels xoxo

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