Saturday, 11 October 2008


It's the weekend, wahoo!!! two days of freedom. However, i am already stressing about next week, but anyway...I have zilch plans this weekend other than meeting my mum in London for a scout around the shops today. Unfortunately it was a bit like torture because I had no money to spend, and my Mum couldn't be swayed to buy me anything. I am 24 now, I don't get treats. My resolve however was not strong enough and I ended parting with £12 for some beautiful miu miu inspired shoes from Primarni.

I try not to shop in Primark very often because their clothes can not be that cheap and still be ethically sound, but whenever I go in there I always come out with something. Although rummaging and elbowing people out of the way is inevitable (i normally do neither) the fruit of your labour is always sweet. My new shoes (pictured) are destined for great things; maybe a night out on the town, or a hot date (i wish).

When I have a proper night out, it is almost guaranteed that I will wreck my shoes. So now I have split my shoe collection into two categories. My "play shoes" like my primarks or Newlooks which are destined for nights of heavy drinking, the cheaper the better although style is still key. The second category are my "nice shoes" which are reserved for walking short distances, out the taxi and into the venue and general display in my room. At the moment my "nice shoe" collection involves Topshop and Office but one day hopefully it will include such beauties as these...

Lets take a moment to appreciate these sparkling pumps from Miu Miu a snap at £350 (2/3 of my rent).

I'm off to watch SATC, to live vicariously by them, and also get some style ideas. This is one crazy saturday night.

Speaking of SATC, Patricia Field's range of clothing for M&S launches on the 14th October and frankly I can not wait. I have major lust for the blue dress.

Okay I'm done! PEACE OUT!

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