Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fashion Tuesday

Two days in and I am just about surviving. My saviour is Tuesday Night TV on BBC 2, from Twiggy's frock exchange to the documentary about fashion (I forget the name). Today's show was about Paul Smith, who to be honestisnot oneof my favourite designers. I think its more of a guy thing.

Not only is the TV great on Tuesday, but today Patricia Fields collection launches at Marks and Spencers. I would love to go, but it doesn't launch until 12am and I need my beauty sleep. Fashion however waits for no one (or just me).

I am a bit dissapointed with the documentary because it is all about men's tailoring and style. Although I love a guy in a well fitted suit ( I have the fortune of seeing them every day on the tube), I am all about women's wear. Check at these beautiful pieces below:

This has a hint of a sari about it, but I think it is a bit more mainstream and wearable. I love the mix of harmonious colours. Like many pieces in S/S09 this piece is about colour blocking. This reminds me of an artist called Rothko who does alot of colour blocking. He is doing an exhibition at the Tate Modern at the moment and is well worth a look.

This outfit is from Richard Nicholl's collection. I love him, not only is her a great fashion design but he looks gorgeous too.

I think starting tomorrow, I am going to do my own A-Z of fashion trends/ style. I will see you then! x

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