Tuesday, 7 October 2008

S is fror Stiletto

Well...welcome to my first blog. In the coming weeks, months, or even years. You can expect lots of fashion news, general gossip and the light entertainment that is my life. I am a lowly administrator trying to catch a break in the fashion industry. How does one do this? If I find out i'll let you know. In the meantime I shall use this blog as my creative outlet.

So of course I must begin by talking about the whirl wind that was fashion month. Spring/ summer 2009 has arrived with a flash of metallics, some graphic designs, a dash of colour and a hint of utilitarian. With these funky new trends on their way whose worried about the credit crunch.

My favourite collection by far for S/S 2009 is Lanvin. My favourite outfits where these uber cool pieces.
They are soo wearable and flattering I can imagine myself popping down to bungalow 8 (as if) for a Mojito in either of these. I love the use of colour blocking with the harmonious colours. The shoes are also awesome.
Although I love the new designers coming through like Ricard Nicholls and Christopher Kane its great to see the oldies still producing beautiful pieces. I just wish I had the money to buy them.
Looking at the catwalk shows I didn't see any fuller figure models as promised. Although we are now more than used to looking at long limbed giants (I'm only 5ft 3in) strutting down the runway, I couldn't help but be shocked when visiting the recent Victor and Rolf exhibition. The exhibition featured videos of their previous shows, and it appeared to me that from s/s 2004 their was a huge jump from atheletic, toned glamazonian women to wispy, twig like models. How odd? Well i'll leave you to muse about that one, until next time...A is for authentic

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