Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Much to do about nothing ...

Finding time to blog seems to be a struggle at the moment. In between searching for a new Job and also trying to be good at my current job is ridiculous (excuse spelling). Anyway while i've got a couple of minutes, I'd like to mention how impressed I am with the array of tights available this winter esp. as the cold weather appears to have come to stay. My favourites at the moment are a great pair of thick ribbed grey tights from H&M. They are prefect for this weather, wear with a fantastic dress or skirt, or if you are brave enough so funky tweed shorts.

The only good thing about this cold weather is a chance to give the coat wardrobe a good airing. At the moment I am rotating three coats. A 1960's double breasted blue coat circa 2006 (Topshop) a plum coloured cape, last years from Warehouse, and my delightful violet peacoat with pussy bow from Primark (this years). I particularly love the last coat mentioned, because not only was it a bargain at £21 (I saw a similar versionat French connection for £140) but I have had many a compliment while wearing the coat. I love it dearly.

Scarfs and hats are also becoming a major concern I am mixing and matching at the moment, lots of bright colours on mass. I think this is working at the moment, but I do love the matching look.

I am also very much considering a foray into faux fur, I have seen some great coats at Topshop which are to die for. I think that it is probably a look that is passable in london, but not elsewhere. We shall see though...

'Til next time my fashion lovers, keep it gothic XOXO

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