Wednesday, 18 February 2009

E is for Economize

With the credit crunch hitting the nation and world at large, economising is something that every fashionista is going to have to deal with. I think it is a great opportunity to put your stylising skills to good use.

Rather than shopping on the highstreet, try shopping in your wardrobe. Mixing it up is really fun, putting things together that you would not normally think about is often a great way to express your self and find out your true style.

At the moment I have been playing with dresses and cardigans/ layering tops. Mixing printed cardies and patterned tea dresses together is fab, and ties in with the tribal/ one world trend that is soooo hot for S/S 2009. Add a hairband from a scrap of material and you are fashion a go go.

Even Celebs are recycling their wardrobes.

If you are going to buy fashion items, I think accessories are the way to go, it is suprising to see how a pair of earrings or a necklace can update a look. Coral and royal blue are so now, so those are the colours to go for.

Economy footwear can only mean two things ballet pumps or plimpsols. Black, white and gray plimpsols are budget and versatile. Ballet pumps should be in animal prints; leopard, tiger,snakeskin from Newlook, Primark and Dotty P's.

Have fun with it, find the real you. Punk is definately having a revival, only this time its more refined.

Once more with feeling... you know you love fashion, right!!!

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