Wednesday, 25 February 2009

F is for Forever pieces

Forever pieces are the new must-haves. A forever piece can be anything from a well cut pair of trousers to a timeless item of jewellery. A good quality fashion product that will last for many years to come is always worth spending a bit more money on. I do not have a large monthly clothing budget, but I have begun buying less items and spending a bit more on those classic pieces which I know will see me through to the next season. When I say classic, I don't mean a white t-shirt or other synonymous items of clothing, I mean looking ahead to the following season and seeing what trends will continue/develop further. For example, I will be investing in some tribal/ graphic print tops and dresses because that trend is set to continue. (See image left from Marc by Marc Jacobs AW09/10 show). In the summer I will do the look with bare legs or shorts and come winter it will be all about black tights, and a tailored jacket.

I think investing in jewellery is always a safe bet, because the changes tend to be more subtle, you can get away with the same ring for a couple of seasons. But on the flip side jewellery can aso be very directional and so it is worth spending less and making that black t-shirt on trend with a big chunky tribal necklace.

It can be tricky to know what to buy when it comes to forever pieces but you have to ask yourself, am I going to wear it to death, and will it see me thought the next couple of seasons!!!

Well there's my advice, fashionistas. Keep it glamourous!!!

Love, L x

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