Sunday, 15 March 2009

G is for Gorgeously green

Fashion and being a friend to the environment etc CAN go hand in hand. More and More eco-friendly fashion brands are popping up in the mainstream. Clothes made from organic cotton or hemp no longer resemble potatoe sacks they can be fun and dare I say it stylish. Another misconception about eco-friendly clothing is that it is quite costly, nah huh!!! Selfridges may be home to MADE or EDEN, but you can also find other labels at highstreet retailers like Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Both retailers also do their bit to recycle clothing as they house their fair share of vintage pieces at affordable prices.

Along with being green, fairtrade is also an option. I felt a great glow of being a do gooder after buying a stylish white fairtrade tunic from Topshop. I will team it with a blazer, bold necklace, chunky belt and pumps for a funky yet casual look!

Whether Eco or Fairtrade its definately something to think about!!

all the best Fashionistas xoxo

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