Tuesday, 17 March 2009

H is for Headware

Having recently been to the Anthology of Hats exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, I have a new found love of Hats. The exhibition is full of a variety of head gear, from conservative pieces to flamboyant head paraphernalia.

I think headwear is a great way to update an outfit; during the day I would go for a snazzy hair band and at night I think a hair piece worn at a jaunty angle is a must. A full on hat is also more of a day wear item unless it is winter in which case whenever and whatever will keep you warm. My hat of choice would be a bowler in a deep purple. I would also love to own Blair Waldorf from GG's head band wardrobe. big chunky bands mixed with antique headpieces.

Anyway, no matter how you wear them or what you wear, hats are always going to be top on my list. I would love to study millnery one day and make my own extravagant pieces. In the mean time the V&A are selling some amazing hat pins, fasinators and hats which are definately worth a look. I have my eye on some sequin bauble pieces.

Look sharp, best wishes,


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